Johanna Seim & Sjur Nyvold

Debut album "Temporary Pleasure" will be released in February 2023! With: Bård Ingebrigtsen (producer, mix, guitar) & Martin Langlie (drums) Record Label: Olivias Rekorder


Inn i det ukjente

(Into the unknown)

"A truly immersive experience." - Heapsgood Productions

"Her møttest tradisjonsmusikk og moderne utrykk i vakkert, spennande og vellykka samspel." - Bø Blad

Photo by Patrick Webb


Christian Steyer & Der Berliner Solistenchor

Every year in December, beautiful old German Christmas carols are brought to live by Steyer’s adaptions that actually go back to their roots and accentuate their original purpose. Listening to his choir of soloists, one can virtually feel the magic and the pulsating power of these songs.

The noted Berlin composer and actor has rearranged well-known German carols with great caution and converted these into acoustic marvels for piano and choir while availing himself of various music genres. The audible result is a genial relief in contrast to the common ubiquity of soulless or elevator-styled chanting of carols during the holidays and a high mass for fans of classical and modern music alike. In recent years, Christian Steyer und der Berliner Solistenchor performed more than 150 concerts in churches and Germany’s most famous concert halls.

Johanna has been a vocalist in the choir since December 2013 and was a part of the live recordings that were published on CD in 2015.


Myllargutens Gammaldansorkester

“Only the most unrepentant curmudgeon could resist Myllargutens Gammaldansorkester when the Rauland, Norway-based ensemble’s music is so joyous and high-spirited. Fifteen members strong, the group specializes in happy, quasi-traditional dance music from Scandinavia and casts its mission as spreading the spirit of old-time Norwegian dance music to the world.” (textura)

Johanna played the regular fiddle in Myllargutens Gammaldansorkester for three years until the band dissolved in summer 2019. They played at festivals and dance events in Norway, Sweden and Lithuania and Johanna managed to bring the band on a tour to her homecountry Germany. She also took part in the recording of the bands second album in spring 2017.